Blast your deadlights!

The first 4 pics (and the last one) are from Santa Maria Del Fiore, the most beautiful cathedral I’ve ever seen (I took 73 pictures in 3 days XD)

Firenze was wonderful. But if Venezia couldn’t expand or really change due to being built on island, it’s not the case for Firenze. It broke my heart to see shops like Prada or even Gelateria (Ice cream) take and change the face of buildings to make them look like other shops. OLD BUILDINGS, RENAISSANCE, seriously. But history must go on.

On the Ponte Vecchio (where Lorenzo tells Ezio how he was saved by Giovanni Auditore when he was young) I bought a silver Giglio di Firenze pendant to an old horrible woman. And when I went back to this shop in game, I realized it was a fishmonger, which made me laugh since I called the old woman “morue” (cod), a french insult x)

Moar Ezio in Firenze to come in another diaporama °3°

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